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When: Tuesday, March 5 at 6:00 PM

Where: Natural Grocers, 1604 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, USA

What: Dr. Kurt will discuss how to create YOUR perfect diet. Humans are virtually identical genetically BUT there is a ton of variation biochemically based on your life’s experiences, exposures, and choices. Let’s dive into the 5 variables, the 4 internal fires, the 3 systems and sequence to prioritize, and the 2 root causes to develop and support the one and only YOU through your perfect diet. 

About The Doctor
Husband, Father, Leader, Follower, Reader, Listener, Friend, Enemy, Author, Stand-Up Desker, Functional Medicine Practitioner, 2017 'Best Of'-er 

Hey, my name is Dr. Kurt (DC CCWP CFMP). I worked hard, studied hard, sacrificed a lot for all those initials after my name but they don’t really matter unless I can help solve your problem. In fact, there are a lot of professionals with impressive initials after their names yet have no tools to help you get better.

I love movies because I love a good story. When I meet with people, they always have a story regarding their health struggle. And they want that story to change and I want that story to change.

Let me be clear, you’re the main character and HERO of this story. And you have a problem. There’s often an external problem like poor energy, poor concentration, pain, allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, etc. But that’s not what gets you to create action. Your external problem is creating an internal problem that is messing up your life. That internal problem could be things like: lost productivity at work, loss of intimacy with your spouse, not being able to keep up with the kids, or creating self doubt because you feel you should be rocking life.

Why people often come to my office, opposed to a traditional practice, is because there’s a third problem, a philosophical problem. You want to be treated differently. You want more time with your doctor. You want solutions that aren’t medications. You want a partner in your health journey, not a dictator. You want less healthcare.

Here’s where my character enters the story. I’m the guide, NOT the hero. The Yoda to your young Skywalker. My role is to provide an action plan for you (the HERO), that either helps you create success and/or avoid failure, depending on YOUR goals (not mine). My role is also to be available to you as you go through your journey and path to health success.